Junkerland artwork proudly done by Jeff Schnur. To see his serious renderings click here.

The Crappiest Place on Earth!

The first virtual amusement park for telemarketers, junk mailers, and spammers.

Here is the majestic Main Gate to Junkerland. As you enter the park, your privacy gets shot to hell. As you purchase your tickets, the friendly ticket person asks if you want to enter a contest. If you do, be prepared to get lots of junk mail and junk calls. Don't get mad at Junkerland; after all, YOU are to blame!

Your tour of Junkerland begins at the Main Drag. To go there click here.

Disclaimer: Telemarketers, junk mailers and spammers tell us that their activities are a "service", i.e. "the convenience of shopping at home." We decided to create Junkerland, a different kind of setting for that "service". We hope you will take this in good humor.

It is not our intention to make fun of the Walt Disney Company, nor do we wish to imply that the Walt Disney Company is acting in an unlawful or offensive manner. The "Disneyland-like setting" for Junkerland is simply a fun place to express our view of the offensive marketing methods of telemarketers, junk mailers and spammers. Junkerland is a parody, and parodies are not a violation of copyright law.